British passport holders banned from playing Prince William thanks to Brexit

Actors with British passports are banned from playing Prince William in an upcoming biopic starring Kirsten Stewart as Princess Diana.

This is because of new restrictions coming into play when Britain leaves the EU on January 1st.

The casting note is looking for boys aged 9-12 years old to play an 11-year-old Prince William.

It then goes onto specify that the actor in question must have a European, and not a British European, passport due to the new Brexit rules coming into play.

Amy Hubbard, the casting director for the movie, explained that in movies it is common practise for the “passports of significant actors need to match that of financiers.”

Kirsten Stewart will play the beloved people’s princess in the upcoming biopic entitled Spencer, and directed by Pablo Larraín.

It will focus on three crucial days in the princess’ life, set at Sandringham, in which she is said to have realised her marriage had failed.

The film won’t deal with her death, rather her relationship with her husband, and her love for her sons, William and Harry.

William was 15 and Harry just 12 when Diana died in a 1997 car crash in Paris.

It comes as face to face Brexit trade talks are suspended while the EU’s chief negotiator awaits the result of a Covid-19 test.

The UK will leave the single market and customs union in January 2021 but work continues on a deal to allow smooth trade with no quotas or tariffs.